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Why insideOUTFIT?

At insideOUTFIT, we mix up a magical blend of chic outfits and life-transforming tools like visualization and mindset shifting techniques, all tailored to fit your unique style and aspirations. Struggling to juggle family and personal goals? I get it – I'm in the middle of mid-lifeing just like you. My approach is deeply empathetic, personalized, and rooted in the belief that every INdividual has the potential to manifest their dreams. I’ve got open ears and an open heart.  Let's embark on a fabulous journey of self-discovery, where we’ll find styles that not only flatter you but also empower you to step confidently INto the future. I'm your cheerleader and guide, all rolled into one, ready to help you become the best version of you!  So, are you ready to step INto your dream life with confidence and a killer wardrobe? I'm here, right by your SIDE, pom-poms in hand. Let's make this journey together – one stylish step at a time!

Where Style Meets Substance

Change is the one constant in life. insideOUTFIT emerged from a desire to leverage these shifts for self-discovery and a refreshed self-image. Whether it's a new career, relocation, relationship changes, empty nesting, or life's unexpected turns, each offers an opportunity for personal growth.

At insideOUTFIT, we embrace the power of manifestation, recognizing that what you wear shapes the life you envision. Our service not only dresses you in outfits aligned with your dreams but also connects you to experts and resources, providing a toolkit for achieving your aspirations. These techniques are seamlessly integrated into our styling process, helping align your inner self with your outward expression.

Your personal brand isn't just the message you convey to the world; more significantly, it's the message you send to yourself.


Diana Heather Founder

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 Our Services



​fitLIST Package Includes:

  • Kick-off INside workshop for creating your perfect image and future self

  • Audit of your existing closet

  • Up to 10 outifts styled from your existing wardrobe

  • Access to your new virtual closet showcasing your styled outfits



​INfit Package Includes:

  • Everything in fitLIST plus

  • Curated list of missing wardrobe essentials

  • Online shopping recommendations

  • Up to 10 more additional outfits styled using new items

  • An additional INside workshop



​OUTfit Package Includes:

  • Everything in INfit plus

  • Editing OUT the pieces that no longer serve you

  • In-person shopping trip

  • Third INside Workshop

  • Access to optional tutorials for makeup, packing and wardrobe resale

I/O Membership 

Designed for clients who want even more, my I/O Membership includes monthly INside workshops, 10 new wardrobe recommendations and an in-person shopping experience per season. 

$249 per month

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Gift Cards

Elevate her style and refresh her closet with endless possibilities—give the gift of insideOUTFIT Gift Cards. A perfect gift for this anniversary, birthday, or Valentine's Day.

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I/O Clients

Julie Slack insideOUTFIT testimonial.jpg

"Diana is so fun, positive, and encouraging, and always makes me feel great about my choices.  I love love love having her as both a stylist and advocate. I’m very excited that more people will get to experience working with her, because I know they’ll love her like I do!"

Julie Slack

Actress, Voiceover Talent, and Host

Park City, UT


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