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Meet Diana: Your Ally on the Journey of Self-Discovery and Style


Style Whisperer

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I’m Diana, the creative force behind insideOUTFIT and your ally on this fabulous journey of self-discovery and style. As a mom to two teenage girls (yep, it’s as fun as it sounds) and a soccer-loving 9-year-old son, I’m as crazed as you are. I’m also the other half of a serial entrepreneur, which means my life is never short on adventures or coffee!

For the past four years (or has it been seven?) I’ve been navigating what I like to call a 'midlife party' because who has time for a crisis? During this time the idea for insideOUTFIT was born – a fusion of fashion savvy and soulful depth, far from your average styling service. My journey here? Oh, it’s been an interesting ride – from practicing law to being the face and voice for some amazing brands, including a career in the world of digital content covering fashion, parenting and more.

You may have seen me talking all things celeb style,, mom life and travel on shows like Inside Edition, Access Hollywood, HSN, and Lifetime TV's The Balancing Act. Yep, that was me, probably talking about how to score Anne Hathaway’s look for less from the Devil Wears Prada or how to bid on Paris Hilton’s actual furniture.

I grew up on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi- just east of New Orleans, until New York City rang and I called it home for nearly 20 years. Most shocking to me though was when I went all the way “mountain mamma” and moved to stunning Park City, UT, with my family in 2020. I call myself a lifelong learner and seeker of anything that will help me become a better me. I’m always on a quest to learn, whether it's about the latest in health, fitness, wellness, nutrition, the mysteries of parenting, the best travel spots for family adventures and of course style and beauty.

insideOUTFIT isn’t just about looking good (though that’s a big part of it); it’s about feeling fantastic from the insideOUT. It’s about aligning your wardrobe with your wildest dreams and having a blast while doing it. So, are you ready to upgrade your style and discover the authentic you?

Your Sidekick in Style and

Self-Discovery at insideOUTFIT


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